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Why you need a stunning website? 10 realistic reasons you'll want to remember!

You still need reasons in today's growing online industry to decide if you need a stunning website? Here some reasons to help you make your decision!

Reason # 10: You gain more credibility once having established an Internet presence these days. A company without a phone number or a physical address may seem strange. It is with this purpose in mind that a company must also have a website and an e-mail address. Reason # 9: Your website is 24-7. Your site works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no labor costs. Your website keeps your business active while you sleep. Reason # 8: Potential customers can find your business online.

Not long ago, customers looking for your product or service would have to look for you in the yellow pages of a phone book. Today, with the Internet, the same customers are connected and will look for your product or service on search engines like Google or Yahoo. By not having a website, you may be losing customers. Think about it. Reason # 7: Internet Marketing is much more profitable than traditional marketing methods.

Unlike newspaper advertisements, pamphlets and television advertisements, a website provides you with an interactive marketing where you will always have information that is always up to date, not to mention that internet marketing can be done with a budget that fits to your pocket. Reason # 6: You can track very accurately the traffic on your site. Using analysis tools, you can find out exactly how many visitors arrive, how much time they spend on your site, and what pages they are reading. Can you say the same about your print ads, brochures, and TV spots? Reason # 5: A website increases the geographic reach of your business. If you are a small business, you depend on lots of traffic and referrals for your business. By leveraging the Internet, the reach your business will have will be infinitely greater than any traditional publishing type can obtain. If your business is local, a website can grow it to the limits of your will. Potential customers who are not within your geographical area can also find your business, after all, a website can be viewed from anywhere in the world by anyone. Reason # 4: It's easy, fast and inexpensive to change your products and marketing information on your site.

You know how expensive it can be to have to change the product information and prices in all your catalogs, brochures and marketing material . Having a website is much cheaper, flexible and long lasting. You will have all the information you want to have, there are no space limitation and you can organize it in the way you see it's optimal for your business. And there's more: you can update it whenever you want and the content can be changed to better satisfy your business strategy if you decide to sell new services or products. Reason # 3: Customer service can be dealt with on the website. How often do you hear the same questions over and over again from different clients? As happens with any business, most customers have the same set of questions and concerns. Do not think that a site will prevent you from having contact with the customer, it will only make that contact more immediate and comprehensive. By having an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) online, you can reduce customer service costs and save time and money. In addition, the contact will always be personalized. Great isn't it? Reason # 2: A website is a convenience for your client. Your customer can view your website in his own terms and conditions. There is no pressure to buy, nor have to move to your workplace to find out more about your company and products. Not to mention that the satisfaction of a customer is a guaranteed return on investment, through digital marketing. You wonder how? A satisfied customer will use the same method, the Internet, to tell others about (to be read advertise) your business - to friends, family or colleagues who, at their turn, will do the same. Reason # 1: A website address is easier to remember than a phone number. The web address or URL (domain) of your site is more likely and infinitely easier to remember than the physical address of your business or your office phone number. That alone is enough reason to have a website.


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